Sooti by Raw Mango

Sooti by Raw Mango
"Light as air
Strong as the sun
Flowing like the wind
Soft as dew
Opaque as smoke
Cool as the moonlight"


A summer range of sooti saris in watermarked hues and cooling whites. Textiles resemble dhoti’s with pronounced sateen stripes, or evoke a summer garden through delicate jamdani motifs and silver zari. Handwoven in Bengal cotton, it remains the most practical material for an ideal garment to be worn under the summer sun.

Jamdani’s of yesteryears featured small motifs on the finest cotton, and one of our favourite stories recounting its subtle elegance is told from the eyes of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. One day Aurangzeb was astonished to see his daughter, Princess Zaib-Un-Nissa, strolling naked in the garden.

The emperor demanded to know why she was walking outside without clothes to which the princess replied that she was wearing her “jamas” In fact, she claimed she was wearing seven garments made from Jamdani so transparent and fine that to her father’s eyes they seemed invisible.  






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