About us

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Elora and her team have a genuine love of art, craftsmanship and techniques of South Asia. Born in Bangladesh and brought up in Sydney, Elora is a woman who straddles the east and west.

At BY ELORA this east-west outlook affects the way we run our business and the way we look at timeless artistic traditions. We combine handwork and design - steeped in history, culture and beauty - and incorporate those techniques into modern ethnic festive attire. The offering at BY ELORA is an unsurpassed selection of garments and bespoke products showcasing the finest handwork and traditions of South Asia.

Our commitment is to respect craftspeople and their traditional handwork to create treasures that are timeless and beautiful for men and women who straddle two cultures. We strive to be exceptional – and accessible – as we celebrate the essence of history, craftsmanship and inspiration from South Asia.