Bespoke Bridal

Bespoke Bridal

We're experienced in bridalwear and have been in the industry since 2014.
We create handcrafted, beautifully designed wedding ensembles for the elegant and timeless bride and groom.

We have an intrinsic understanding of what brides and grooms are looking for and questions running through their heads.

Will it look like the picture?
What's the fabric like?
What if I measure wrong, will it even fit?
What will the embroidery look like in person?

Find yourself asking any of these?
Our tried and tested process ensures all your concerns are addressed.

Design and concept

Working from your inspiration pictures, ideas and concepts, we will work with you and design something that is uniquely you for your big day.

Florals or geometry, traditional or modern: it's our job to take your ideas, venue, décor and personality to design the wedding ensemble.


The sample you receive will have the embroidery and fabric so you can physically see a glimpse of your final ensemble. You will see details that a sketch can never show you.

See the colours and the embroidery against your skin and gain confidence before you purchase.Once you're happy, we are ready to produce your bridal ensemble.


It's our responsibility to make sure your wedding ensemble fits.

After we take your measurements, our tailors make a template on white cotton for you to try on. It's an extra step we take to make sure no adjustments are necessary.

Once we're happy with the fit, we will make your wedding ensemble to this fitting. 

No stress, no adjustments.

Final result and delivery

Once your order is placed, through our process you know what's coming, you know it fits and you know the quality of fabrics and handwork.

We always deliver with a minimum of a month before your big day. The hardest part is the wait!

Have any questions?

There are no consultation fees and there are no obligations from speaking with us.

Ready to get started?
Together, let's create your unique wedding ensemble.